Fugee Fridays is a volunteer humanitarian initiative, founded in 2008 in response to the acute distress of the growing community of African asylum seekers living in Tel Aviv. Our purpose is to help address this community’s immediate needs while nurturing their independence, raising awareness of their plight, fostering positive cultural exchange between Israelis and Africans living in Israel and empowering both the refugee community and our volunteers. We organize a number of projects for the benefit of the African community, including food collection from the Carmel Market, language classes, children’s activities and a growing list of community development projects. Everything we do is guided by our belief in simple, elegant problem-solving which connects urgent needs with available and sustainable solutions. We hope that, by setting a personal example, we can inspire others to create similar social action projects that benefit their communities.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Community Garden

Fugee Fridays plans to create a community Garden in the empty dirt lot across from the family shelter in Shapira. A community Garden would be a great tool of social empowerment in the neighborhood. It would give refugee children as well as neighborhood children a positive project to work on; it would also hopefully bring some of the women and mothers together and share gardening and agriculture techniques, as well as creating new friendships. We have done some research, and the area is slated for residential use. However, due to the fact that it has been dead space for such a long time, and that there are no plans for developing the land, we should be able to create something temporary. More research is being done, and we are in touch with some specialists. We hope to break ground in the plot shortly. If anyone wants to become involved with research etc…, has materials they can donate, or wants to be involved with the actual construction you can contact Gilli at gcherrin@gmail.com

The Gift of Teaching

Fugee Fridays has begun conducting language courses at the South Sudanese Cultural Center. Offering classes in both English and Hebrew held a few nights a week. There is a heavy demand and desire to learn these languages, however teachers are lacking. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested; you do not need to have teaching experience just a passion to help. Anyone who has materials, Donations, or wants to teach and/or help teach a class, you can contact Florentine at flo@flempp.de

Projects with the kids

Fugee Fridays now has an organized activity session with the kids of the Family shelter in Shapira. The Plan is to have a different activity each week that is both educational and entertaining. Parallel to the food collection taking place in thee Shuk a group of volunteers will be conducting these children activities in Shapira, either outside the shelter or at the park nearby. Soon, once the community garden area is up and running, we can centralize activities to there. If you have ideas for activities, materials, or want to participate you can contact Hanan at hananlif@gmail.com, 054.491.1231